Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New Day

7:40am. Had a good night. Jacob is feeding well. Swelling is starting but only a little. We got transferred out of ICU on to the floor. Jacob looked around on the ride up to the floor. Still no smiles but he is comfortable.

Just settling in and getting breakfast now. CT might be later as well as head dressing removal.


  1. Its because there's no one to flirt with this early! You'll have a smile by the day's end! Glad you were transferred already. Great news!

  2. I agree with Kendra. Unless there is someone to flirt with, or a Princess cousin to show off his rolling skills, why not save some energy. He will be giggling in no time!

  3. Maybe he is playing hard to get?? Showing off his manly strength instead! I'm very happy to hear he has been transferred already, great news!