Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Here we go

Today we learned the true meaning of the word surrender.

Jacob went in at about 8am. He was allowed to keep his soother which made me so relieved. He did great despite being hungry and tired. We had a big family hug before the nurse took him away.

"We will take good care of him"

I trust this team completely. Even this morning we met with the docs and they are able to answer all my questions so well and with such kindness.

9:22 we got word that they started and he is doing great.

I will keep posting as able.

God is with us!


  1. God IS with you...as are we in our thoughts and prayers! I hope you can feel all of the love and energy we are sending your way!

  2. Prayers. So very, very many prayers are being sent your way.

  3. Thinking of you guys. Sending prayers and hugs!

  4. I have a good feeling in my heart that everything is going well!