Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob,

You are too young to read this letter now, but I am writing this so that you may understand a powerful event that occured while you were only months old. By now you have heard about your big surgery and must have gotten to know your scar quite well. I hope it is hidden under a thick head of dark brown hair, just like your daddy's.

On June 18th, 2013 you underwent a strip craniectomy to repair your sagittal craniosynostosis. It was a huge surgery (5 hours long) in Toronto. It was a very difficult thing for you to go through and for your parents to endur. However, this extremely painful experience was also one of the most positive in the life of our family. How could this be?

On the days leading up to and during the surgery and recovery you had a huge outpouring of love coming your way. Prayers spoken by family, friends, and groups of people you have never met and some who don't even know you and will never meet you. Prayers and well wishes coming from Poland, Ireland, the US, London, and various small prayers groups througout. You had one mother running a mile for you, another caring friend devoting her powerful yoga practice to you, grandparents who financially supported your mommy and daddy so that they could better take care of you, an auntie who upon hearing we forgot your favorite glowbug ran to our house and express mailed it from your crib to your hospital bed, and so many more kind gestures coming your way. Your mommy and daddy were protected from fear and feelings of despair by contantly receiving facebook messages, emails, texts, and posts on your blog of love and encouragement. I could list many more wonderful things that people did for you and fill a book with them.

So my heart, my love, please please know that that scar on your head will be forever a symbol of your enduring strength yes. However more importantly, let it remind you of all the love that is out there and that was overwhelmingly directed for you at that difficult time from so many people. Let it be a reminder of how truely loved you are always. Please also remember to give back to those around you, even those you don't know. No matter how small the kindness it is always noticed.

Love your mommy, daddy, family, friends, and most importantly God!


  1. Beautiful. You are right, his scar will forever be a reminder of the love that surrounded, and surrounds him...we have a wonderful circle of friends and family don't we twin! Thank you everyone!

  2. What a beautiful tribute, thanks for sharing. Jacob, you are such a special little guy: so loved, so cherished and you have such an amazing spirit about you. You are your own light! Your mom and dad and those around you love you so much indeed! Keep getting stronger friend!

  3. Dearest Cudem Jakubik. Your mommy is correct in that you are too young to read this letter now, and you may be too young to understand just how much you are loved.

    But we, so very many of us, will show you just how loved you are every single day. You are such a beautiful and miraculous little boy and you overflow with joy. You are a miracle to all who meet you and we are blessed by it.

    You are so very, very Loved!

  4. Jacob,

    You are so loved! You have an awesome mommy & daddy, aunties and uncles (even those of us who aren't related by blood) and more friends in the world than you may ever meet. Your mom and dad are such strong, amazing people, we all know you are going to be a strong, amazing little man too. Much love, and here's hoping tomorrow is the last day I need to go to yoga! (Not because I won't go on Saturday too, and Sunday, and every other day after that for you, but because we all want to see you safe and sound at home!!!)

    Love, "Auntie" Erin

  5. Nanny and Gaga20 June 2013 at 12:53

    Dear Jacob
    You are our very precious little grandson and we love you with all our hearts. This journey you have been on has been very hard for all those who love you but God gave us the strength we needed to get through it. Your guardian angel was watching over and protecting you throughout it all. Your strength and endurance is amazing. You are truly a miracle and we are blessed to have you in our lives. Looking forward to spending so much time with you as you grow up to be an amazing human being just like your mommy and daddy.

    We will love you forever and will always be here for you.

    Nanny and Gaga

  6. Mary and Eugene20 June 2013 at 12:59

    Glad to hear Jacob is doing so good and on the road to recovery
    he has a bit of the fighting Irish in him so that will help
    thinking of you all Eug and Mary

  7. You are all very loved. What a beautiful message to give Jacob. He is a little hero. I'm glad things are progressing well.

  8. This message to Jacob was so touching. I know I have said this before but thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. I know it has touched my life in a positive way and is a reminder of how much love is out there in this world. And of course, reminds me of the power of prayer and that God is so good!

  9. Jacob, Monica and James.. . You are all amazing examples of strength, courage, faith and most of all love. Your experience has brought so many people together. It shows us that we can do and survive many things. Thank you for reminding us that miracles do happen. So glad Jacob is recovering so well. Look forward to seeing you when you are home and up for company. Love you all. Prayer warrior signing out:)

  10. That is the sweetest thing Monica. Brought a lump to my throat. Jacob, your son, is so loved by everyone, especially his Mommy & Daddy and God. I hope that letter to Jacob was as much as a letter to his older self as it is a letter to you to remind you of the love and support that surrounds you all the time. We may not all get to see you face to face but by email, text, blog, Facebook, etc., etc., we're all right here. Love you guys.