Friday, 21 June 2013

Finally over the recovery "hump"

11:00am  A great morning so far. Jacob was playful and giving me more smiles. Had some bowel and feeding issues but we have cleared those up now. Bloodwork was done again and his hemoglobin looks good meaning ........ drumroll please......... discharge today! As long as the afternoon feed goes well we can go. Today was the
 first time Jacob nursed since the morning of the surgery. It felt so good to have him feeding normally again! He only still eats half of his usual but its a good start.
Swelling is still significant but slowly improving now.
Pain is ok for now and fever has been gone since last night.
His new nurse today is amazing. "So this is the little guy I keep hearing about....its so rare that BOTH eyes stay open and dont swell shut!"
I am a proud momma!
Next steps will be helmet moulding and checkup next Wed, then back the week after to pick up the helmet. Helmet therapy will last 4 months.

Today I feel is a new beginning. Finally I am looking forward to the months to come. The fear, saddness, and anxiety have been replaced with happiness, excitement, and hope. We will still have many challenges at home, but I know that Jacob will make ith through.

The lesson I have learned is that anything in life is possible. With a little hard work and surrounding yourself with the right people (supportive loved ones, excellent medical team), and a lot of faith, you can make miracles happen!

Your love means the world to us. I will make a few more posts once we are home. Hopefully  the next few can be made in person soon!


  1. Nanny and Gaga21 June 2013 at 08:41

    Thank you and a safe trip home
    Love Nanny and Gaga

  2. Yay!! I feel your excitement of going home today. That is wonderful. So proud of Jacob and you and James. Thank you for sharing this difficult yet wonderful journey with us Monica. I have such a deep respect for your openness and honesty about how hard this has been at times. And it is during those times that our faith grows and we grow too. I can't wait to see all of you and check out Jacob's new little helmet! Have a safe trip home. Love to all of you.

  3. Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! Great news! What a great feeling it will be to pull in your driveway! you have so many loved ones just a phone call away if you need anything! In the mean time, I will rest better knowing that you are resting better! I hope you can get the well deserved rest and relaxation you all deserve over the next few days and have a private, and quiet weekend enjoying each other and the sunshine. Best. News. Ever.

  4. Yaaayyyy, way to go baby Jacob!!!! I am so happy to hear the good news, that just made my day.Its so nice to hear you are relieved of some of the stress and worry. Everyone is here for you guys

  5. Mary and Eugene21 June 2013 at 12:37

    so happy your heading home. as they say their's no place like home. I'm sure Jacob has been missed by all. I,m looking forward to seeing him soon god bless xxxxxx

  6. Dearest Monica :
    God Bless you many times for beeing the most wonderful Mom & Person...and for the updates.For people caring for you guys ...means a lot to know how are you All Doing.
    We are so happy that you turned a huge corner !
    We continue to pray for the Best Recovery Ever for Baby Jacob!

  7. Congratulations Jakubik, Monika, and James! You have weathered a storm this week and come out swinging and full of hope and strength. You are all true inspirations.

    I can't wait until the FAroggy PArince is home so I can give him a big kiss!!

    Much love.

  8. Awesome, awesome news. So happy for you guys!! Big hugs to everyone!!!

  9. Please bring my nephew home quickly...Auntie can't wait anymore!!!! LOL.

  10. Nanny and Gaga21 June 2013 at 14:57

    Thank God for bringing you all through this. So glad that you are on your way home. Can't wait to be able to give Jacob a big hug and kiss. He is one wonderful little boy who fills the lives of everyone with such joy.